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Good faith, customer first

Our heritage and expertise

Jiaxing JiaJia Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company is specialized in production of shock absorber for both commercial vehicle and passenger cars.

Formed by Jiaxing government in 1995, became a full private company in 2005, have more than 20  years’ experience on vehicle shock absorber development and manufacturing.



Company Strategic Goals and Vision

Become a top level Chinese supplier of vehicle suspension system, developing the capability of product development, quality and process control as a world-class location, can be competed with international brands.

Developing technical and quality control capability to compete with international brands.

Develop domestic commercial vehicle OEM market.

Expanding in key international market

To deliver this objective, JiaJia will investment in talent introduction, process improvement and production line optimization:

Introduce advanced engineering and management team

Build & improve product prototype and test capability

Improve process and quality control capability

Company Location & Communications

Company business & status


Full series of commercial vehicle shock absorber, contain LGV,HGV suspension damper and also cab damper

capacity > 500,000/year


Supplier for ZF SACHS after market shock absorber

Capacity > 200,000/year


Special shock absorber for after market modification, most for export market

Flexible production line, to achieve the demand of small quantity multi varieties